Foreshore Trail Dog Ban Begins Wednesday

Salmon Arm's dog ban for the foreshore trail begins tomorrow.

It runs until June 30th, to help protect nesting birds in the area.

Phil McIntyre-Paul with the Shuswap Trail Alliance explains further, saying "The birds will nest right up to the trail edge, and they'll nest in all the bushes along the trail, so this is a way of taking an extra level of precaution."

He tells us that it doesn't take much to disturb the habitat, saying "A curious and enthusiastic dog rummaging through can take out a whole lot of important nests."

McIntrye-Paul says it's up to locals to make a difference "We really have a unique situation here where we live in a bird sanctuary, and it's our opportunity to do that as well as we possibly can."

You can phone in sightings of any non-compliant users on the trail to the City at 236-586-4181.