Fraser Basin Council Updates Shuswap Algae Situation

The Fraser Basin Council has given an update on algae found last week in Shuswap Lake near Canoe and Sandy Point.

Spokesperson Erin Vieira has details on the blue-green algae "It's an Anabaena species of algae, which is fairly good news, because that's a commonly occuring kind of algae in the Shuswap Lake system. It was present at low-levels last week, and has since dissapated because of the wind and wave action seen in the last few days."

She says there's no health concerns from the find, as this algae is rather common "It was probably caused by the high-water, and the influx of nutrients that come in during spring freshet, so a fairly normal conditions, and a fairly normal occurance of algae in the Shuswap."

She notes that more of this algae may pop up around the Shuswap, and encourages anyone who spots a bloom to contact the provincial RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.