Gas Tax Funding To Benefit Scotch Creek And Sicamous

$193M for 108 projects around B.C, those are the numbers from newly announced federal Gas Tax Funding.

Benefactors in the Shuswap region include the CSRD, as $1.4M will go towards the Saratoga Water Connection, which will mean the end of water issues at Scotch Creek's Copper Island RV Park.

Area 'F' Director Larry Morgan notes that it's a big step for Scotch Creek, saying "This upgrade will enhance the water system’s expansion capacity and will provide a safe and reliable water connection to the existing Copper Island RV Park within Scotch Creek, which is currently struggling to meet drinking water regulations.”

The District of Sicamous is also benefitting from these new funds, with $4.5M for a new Sicamous-Solsqua Bridge, and another $300,000 for the Sicamous Narrows Flood Protection Plan.

Friday's announcement did not see any new funding allocated to Salmon Arm.

Further details on today's news can be found via this link.