Grass Fire South Of Chase Estimated At 160 Hectares

The BC Wildfire Service says a brush fire that sparked to the South of Chase on Wednesday was likely human caused, considering the lack of lightning in the region as of late.

Spokesperson Jody Lucius has details on today's response at the site near Niskonlith Lake "The BC Wildfire Service had four crew members respond to the fire outside of Chase. There is no equipment that I'm aware of out there right now, though."

She also has an update on the fire's size "The fire is currently being held at a size of 160 hectares. Previously we were reporting 100 hectares, but we had some better mapping and estimations done, and we now believe it's 160 hectares."

Lucius is reminding anyone conducting burns in the region to be vigilant "This time of year grass fires are not unusual. We do expect to see them within the Kamloops Fire Centre as the lower elevations dry up a bit, and the grass cures. With the moisture we're expecting this weekend hopefully that'll help out a bit, but we do ask everybody to maintain that vigilance when they're using fire."

The Wildfire Service said on Wednesday that this fire hadn't threatened any homes or structures.