Highway One Snowfall Warning Brings Winter Tire Reminder

The Highway One section between Eagle Pass and Rogers Pass is under a Snowfall Warning today.

5-10cm's of snow could fall this afternoon, and another 10-15cm's is possible for tonight.

Today marks the first day of B.C's regulations requiring Winter tires on vehicles that use the majority of our province's Highways.

Kurt Grabinsky with Revelstoke's RCMP tell us that anyone driving that stretch of Highway One had better have the right tires, saying "We want to make sure that drivers operating vehicles on the Trans-Canada Highway, especially through Rogers Pass, are using tires that are designed for Winter. Not a compromised tire, but an actual Winter tire with the snowflake on the sidewall."

As always, he says the best way to handle the snow is to slow down "Adjust your speed to the conditions, and travel safe."

If you're busted on an Interior Highway without your Winter tires you could be fined $109.