Jumbo Glacier Resort Loses Environmental Certificates


The long-proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort in B.C's Purcell mountains is now indefinitely stalled.

The B.C Court of Appeal has upheld a 2015 decision by the Environment Minister that the project's environmental approvals are expired, because the project had not been substantially started.

Meredith Hamstead with the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society has reaction, saying "This was a really reasonable and obvious decision on the part of the Minister, and we're absolutely thrilled. It's been a long time coming and it feels really good to have arrived at this point."

She say it's a critical decision for the Ktunaxa Nation, saying "It's extremely important culturally for the Ktunaxa Nation, they refer to the Jumbo Valley as Qat’muk and this is the home of their creation story."

Hamstead also calls it a big win for conservationists "The Jumbo Valley is of critical importance ecologically. It really is a critically important breeding and denning habitat for Grizzly Bears through the entire mountain rockies."

The only work ever completed in the area was the pouring of a few concrete slabs.