KIJHL AGM Brings Post-Season Changes

Last week's Annual General Meeting for the KIJHL ended with a number of decisions.

Among them was the return to seven-game playoff series - no matter the round.

Last year saw a peculiar scenario where the final two rounds of the league's playoffs were only five-game series.

Sicamous Eagles GM Wayne March says the league is also walking away from the Keystone Cup "We made history with the Junior B Council Meetings. All three leagues voted to pull out of the Keystone Cup. The reason being is the places they stick it in - it's not like B.C - it's some little dog-town out in the boonies like Arborg, Manitoba. Teams had to travel and hour and forty minutes just to play their games, because there's no place to stay there."

March says that one proposed idea going around is what he calls a "Super Cyclone" "Right now there's one team from each league that plays for the Cyclone, plus a host team. Now they're looking at two teams from each league, so it'll be a six-team tournament run like the Royal Bank Cup - eight days."

He also notes that the league is sticking with its scheduling format for this year, which means that teams will only travel within their conference - an idea that took affect last season.

The KIJHL's schedule has not been released, but word is that most teams will open the season on the second weekend of September.