Lengthy Evacuation Order Ends For Four Sunnybrae Homes

Slide Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road

The CSRD has pulled an evacuation alert that dates back to April of 2017.

It concerns four properties along Sunnybrae Canoe-Point Road.

It's the same area that saw a fatal landslide back in May of 2017.

Tom Hanson with the Emergency Program breaks the good news, saying "After a period of over a year or more it's been determined that there hasn't been any significant changes or slides in the area. Working with the geotechnical engineers who did initial and follow-up assessments there - they deemed it was suitable to remove the alert."

He says that those home owners have been notified of any risks "They're fully aware of what's still remaining up the slopes, and able to manage that themselves in terms of land use and danger."

You can check out more details through this link.