Mayor Comments On Affordable Housing Investment

The B.C Government is investing $12M towards affordable housing in Revelstoke.

The plan is to buy two properties, totalling 117 rental units.

One is a 73-unit apartment and townhouse complex on LaForme Boulevard, the other is a 44-unit apartment building on Front Street.

Mayor Gary Sulz says it's one piece of a greater plan "So these two units - plus B.C Housing has bought our Mount Begbie School property and they're planning for more housing on that, and then our affordable housing group is planning a 25-unit project this summer as well, so it's a great thing to see that we're going to have housing coming on stream very quickly." 

The Mayor says that those two newly acquired properties do need some work "One of them is in a definite state of disrepair, so B.C Housing has the ability to take that and make it a wonderful place, so we're excited, really excited."

Renovations could begin as early as this summer.