Mayor Meets With Transport Minister Over 97B Crossing

Salmon Arm's Mayor Nancy Cooper met with Transportation Minister Claire Trevena on Tuesday.

Trevena was handed letters from locals who have concerns about the Highway 97B intersection near South Canoe School.

Cooper says that Trevena is also concerned about kids crossing that intersection, saying "She has engineers looking at it. She wants to make sure that whatever decision is made there is the right decision."

No timeline was given for improvements at that spot, but Cooper did hear some words from Trevena about Highway One work to our West, saying "She was hopeful that it would move forward this Fall. She kept saying 'we're in the tender process, hopefully it will move foward'. I'm hopeful too, but I have to admit that that was also a conversation we had last year, and that was the response, so."

This week's talks came during the UBCM meetings in Whistler.