Mayor Provides Updates On Ross Street Underpass

SA Signage

Salmon Arm's Ross Street Underpass project is soon to kick into full gear.

Mayor Alan Harrison has details on a change in the area set to happen shortly "CP will be moving their diversion track, and what that's used for is that each of the wheels of every car have a sensor on them, and if one of the censors shows overheating, they use the diversion track to divert those cars off the train.

The Mayor says that track will be moved from behind Askew's towards Raven.

As for what's next after that, Harrison says "We need to divert the railway tracks from where they are now out towards the lake, away from where we're actually digging under the underpass."

Harrison says that actual digging on the lake-side of the project is about eight weeks away.

He notes that the entire project will take about one year to finish.