Ministry To Show Off Proposed Balmoral Intersection Changes


There's been enough tragic accidents at the Shuswap's Balmoral intersection to force a change.

The Ministry of Transporation is set to show off proposed improvements at an Open House later this month.

The South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce will host the meeting, and Executive Director Karen Brown says that it's open to everyone "The Chamber Board and area officials have met with the Ministry of Transportation three or four times now on these proposed changes, but we're going to see the design for the first time that the general public is going to see it, so we're excited for the 26th for sure."

Brown also mentioned thoughts she's been hearing from locals, saying "I think what we're hearing from some of the community is that they'd like to see an overpass there, but if you look at historically what's happening in other regions - overpasses are not going in as readily as they used to."

She says the Balmoral intersection is so bad that she doesn't even bother "In the summer I don't go through the intersection. I use the underpass sort of through White Lake Road. It takes an extra maybe 45-60 seconds, but it's much safer."

That Open House meeting is set for Wednesday the 26th, at the Shuswap Lake Estates Lodge.