Monday Brings First 2019 Bear Sightings In Revelstoke

It must be spring in Revelstoke, as Monday saw the first bear sightings of 2019.

Maggie Spizzirri with Revelstoke's Bear Aware has details, saying "The sighting was reported Monday afternoon in the Columbia Park area of Revelstoke, and then shortly after that we had reports of a bear being in lowertown, and then a bear being over in Arrow Heights by the hospital as well, so they're out and about."

Spizzirri says that deterring bears in spring is all about protecting your garbage "The number one thing people can do right now is make sure that their garbage is stored securely. So, that means inside your house, inside your garage, inside your shed - something sturdy as these bears are super strong."

She's also reminding locals of a cost-sharing program that will allow them to get $300 off bear-resistant storage bins at Revelstoke's Home Hardware

Revelstoke's Bear Aware Society has its Annual General Meeting coming for next Thursday.

You can report your own bear sightings to the provincial RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.