New Zealand Woman Dies After Leap From Sicamous Bridge

Sicamous RCMP are reminding the public that no one should be jumping from the Bruhn Bridge.

Wednesday saw a 23 year old woman die from injuries sustained when she leapt from the bridge with three others.

BC Ambulance was called to the scene around 2AM, as the woman failed to resurface and was assisted to shore.

The victim later passed away in hospital.

Sicamous Staff Sergeant Murray McNeil explains that the 20 metre jump is not worth it, saying "Do not jump from the bridge. It's very high above the water, and the water is very fast moving underneath, as well. It's not something anyone should undertake."

McNeil is unable to comment on that woman's injuries, saying "It's a Coroner's case at this point. She died as a result of her jump and the Coroner will take it from there."

He says that there is signage on the bridge, which states that there is no jumping or diving.

Police do not believe this death to be criminal in any way, and will not be releasing the victim's name.