'Old Town Road' Signs Selling Fast In Sicamous


You may be familiar with the Old Town Road issue in Sicamous.. and the ongoing solution.

Old Town Road has been the top song on the Billboard 100 chart for weeks, and the District of Sicamous says that signage for its actual Old Town Road was stolen twice before they decided to start selling their own.

Sheila Devost with the Chamber of Commerce says they cant keep the signs in stock "We've sold over 200, and we've now had to order another 200 because we have orders for them."

Devost says that their campaign is going right up the ranks "It's gone pretty viral, especially now that we know Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil' Nas X have been sent signs."

She's hoping that all this publicity could mean a live and local show "There has been some conversations, so we're all waiting with baited-breathe to see if this will really happen."

Devost tells us that numerous Sicamous retailers will begin selling those signs as of next week.