Physical Altercation With Youth Under Investigation

RCMP in Salmon Arm say that a 37 year old man was detained this week for an assault on a 15 year old male.

Police say it related to a verbal altercation at a fast food restuarant, that apparently began when the younger male elbowed the older man in the back.

The pair parted ways, only to have the older man drive past the younger male on 9th Street - resulting in a further verbal altercation that turned into a physical altercation.

The 15 year old was taken to hospital for minor scrapes and bruises.

The 37 year old male was later taken into custody, and was released ahead of a further date in court.

Police say the issue looks to have continued on social media, where threats may have been made, and Police are looking into those comments to see if charges are warranted.