Pinaus Lake Resort Operators Issue Further Statement

Tuesday Update:

The operators of the now-closed Pinaus Lake Resort have issued a further press release on their situation.

The Resort's Facebook page was used on Saturday to issue a statement about how the Resort would be closing indefinetly, due to landslide concerns.

Monday's release says that operators Arvid and Audrey Hoglund were notified of the province's order to close the Resort on March 14th, and that they were given only 30 days to gathering their belongings after three decades in business.

That release notes that the operators are working with the province to "extend the amount of time allowed to remove their belongings, sell off assets and remediate the land."

The Hoglunds say that it could cost up to half a million dollars to remove their belongings, and that there's been no talk as of yet related to compensation from the province.

An online fundraising campaign has been set up for the couple, which you can find at this link.

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A North Okanagan fishing destination has announced its indefinite closure on Facebook.

The owners of Pinaus Lake Resort near Falkland wrote the following in a Saturday statement "Due to land slide activity around the resort, there has been ongoing testing which has came back too dangerous for the approval of the government to continue to operate."

That post goes on to say that the owners are shocked and saddened by the closure, and that they are working to contact year-round campers so that they can collect their items.

Saturday's post says that the instability of the land above the Resort means that accessing the Resort is now considered trespassing, and that anyone wanting to access the Lake should use the Forestry Service Site.

Monday calls to the Resort for further comment came back empty.

Anyone seeking further details should visit this link.