R.J Haney Still Grasping For Additional Donations

The new year has seen Salmon Arm's R.J Haney Heritage Museum continue its fundraising push for the ongoing Montebello Block project.

Former President Doug Adams says that they recently passed a milestone "We're very excited because we just went over the $1.5M mark in our fundraising. It's probably one of the biggest fundraising initiatives in Salmon Arm history."

He says even with the good news, there's a lot of work to be done "Our estimates are $250,000 that it will take to complete the project, and complete it properly."

R.J Haney staff are hoping that more locals will get involved in their Time Capsule project, which gives you a chance to preserve a piece of your history until 2042, for a donation.

You can find more about the Time Capsule project at this link.

The Museum still plans on opening the Montebello Block on the 9th of July.