Revelstoke's Caribou Rearing Program Enters 4th Year

Revelstoke's Caribou Rearing in the Wild Society says that its maternal penning project has entered its fourth year.

Spokesperson Kelsey Furk has details on this year's efforts in the pen North of Revelstoke "We have 12 new adult female caribou in the pen. Essentially with maternal penning the goal is to provide a head-start to caribou calves during the most vulnerable part of their lives."

She says that last years numbers show the importance of their project "We have four out of ten still alive this March, so 40% survival. That represents an improvement over what you would typically see for survival for caribou in the wild here, which is typically 20 - 25%."

The Columbia North Herd has been stable since 2013, but only numbers to 150.

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