SA Council Approves Phase 1 Highway Work Downtown

Tuesday brought about an important moment for the future of the Trans-Canada Highway in downtown Salmon Arm, as City Council approved Phase 1 of the Trans-Canada Corridor Highway Safety Study.

The Study from 2013 saw ICBC and the Ministry of Transportation recommend a number of changes.

Mayor Nancy Cooper says that Phase 1 affects the area from McGuire Lake to Ross Street, and includes new centre medians, light boards, the end of left-turns onto the Highway from 6th Street NE, and the most contentious issue - the moving of lights "The one that concerned a lot of the business community was the moving of the light from Ross Street to 4th, but all of that passed."

The Mayor says that one letter in particular helped sway her opinion, but notes it was a long debate in Council "We did receive a letter from the B.C Trucking Association, and they supported all of the improvements. It was a difficult decision, it was a lengthy conversation."

Cooper says that there's currently no timeline for this work, as the approval needs to go back to the Ministry.

She also notes that Phase 2 discussions are not yet ready to come before Council.

You can find further in-depth details regarding Phases 1 and 2 of the plan starting at page 165 in this week's Council Agenda.