Sandbags Now Available For Flood-Prone Homes In Canoe

The City of Salmon Arm has set up a sandbag area in Canoe, thanks to the high-water levels of Shuswap Lake.

This announcement came during Wednesday's heavy rainfall that hit the area.

Director of Engineering and Public Works Robert Niewenhuizen has more "This City is going to be putting some sand and sandbags down in Canoe itself, on 75th Avenue NE - there's a small area that goes out to the federal wharf, the walkway that goes out into the lake - it'll be located there."

He says that the lake is up about 20cm's over the past few days, and has background on Canoe areas that may need help "Essentially the areas that are going to be affected firstly are the Canoe residents at the North end of 50th, the Cabins on the West side of Canoe Beach, and also probably the cabins located in the Captain's Cove area."

Anyone seeking further details should visit this link on the City's website.