Saturday Storm Brings 600 Lightning Strikes - More Rain On The Way


An intense thunderstorm on Saturday night for parts of the Shuswap and Columbias.

Environment Canada's Bobby Sekhon says there was a lot of lightning "Around 600 lightning strikes between Salmon Arm and Revelstoke on Saturday evening there."

Even with that; there's no new local fires on the B.C Wildfire Map.

Sekhon says thank the rain "In Salmon Arm we've already had almost 31mm and the July average is only 46mm, so we're doing pretty well so far in July for rain."

He tells us that mid-weeks looks rather wet near Revelstoke "It's Wednesday when we see the pattern shift to more showers, and we expect some rain to come through on Wednesday and Wednesday night. You're not going to see too much close to Salmon Arm, but Revelstoke could see up to 20mm."