School Board Recommends Changes For Enderby Schools

School District 83 has announced a number of changes for Enderby's M.V Beattie Elementary School.

Those changes will see M.V Beattie become a K-6 School, while A.L Fortune will serve Grades 7-12.

The full list of 11 recommendations from Monday's School Board Meeting go as follows:

1. M.V. Beattie to be organized as a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school and A.L. Fortune
school to be organized as a Grade 7-12 school effective September 2017.
2. One portable be purchased, sited and placed at M.V. Beattie Elementary in time for
school opening Sept. 2017.
3. That M.V. Beattie catchment is closed to new cross boundary students for the
foreseeable future.
4. That a local capital plan for an addition to M.V. Beattie be developed and reviewed
each fall to be considered for implementation if M.V. Beattie as a K-6 is projected
to have no space.
5. That a shuttle bus from Enderby to Grindrod be instituted.
6. That an express-like bus from Ashton Creek to Grindrod be instituted.
7. That all M.V. Beattie catchment students are given a priority choice for registration
at A.L.Fortune or Grindrod Elementary.
8. That additional resources are provided to grade 6-8 students in Enderby to support
appropriate and healthy social and emotional behaviour and choices.
9. That resources are allocated to M.V. Beattie for respectful, thoughtful closure and
transition for current grade 6 and 7 students together.
10. That resources are allocated to A.L. Fortune for welcoming and transitional activities.
11. That resources be allocated to A.L. Fortune to support a school team to develop
the best ways to successfully integrate Grade 7 students to A.L. Fortune with
particular attention to program options, transitional events and supports, and
policy considerations.
McKay noted he heard the concerns