Shuswap Algae Near Canoe Under Investigation

The Shuswap Watershed Council says that reports of algae in the Canoe area of Shuswap Lake are under investigation.

Mike Simpson with the Fraser Basin Council has details "Biologists have gone out and sampled it, and there's no conclusive evidence yet, but they do suspect that it is small amounts of algae that are there. They're going to confirm which species it is. They have confirmed already that it is not Ochromonas, which what caused the large blooms in Mara Lake in 2010."

Thursday's release says that the current algae levels aren't enough to be considered a 'bloom' at this time.

He says that the amount of debris in the lake doesn't make their job any easier "The other thing that they noted is that there's a lot of pollen, given that its Spring, as well as a lot of debris, because of local flooding, so it's a whole combination of things. They're working on it, and we'll get more information out to the public as soon as we get it."

Simpson says that they should know more about that algae by early next week.

The Shuswap Watershed Council also notes that debris found in the lake recently includes logs, firewood, and plywood, and that all boaters should be very aware.