Shuswap Fire Department Douses Tuesday Brush Fire

A small brush fire broke out on Tuesday behind the Shuswap's Balmoral Store.

Shuswap Fire Department Chief Gary Hoult has more, saying "A gentleman had started up a couple of burn piles, and then the wind got up a little bit, it got away from him, and started blowing across the open field."

The flames came close to a structure, but Hoult says that in the end nothing was damaged "Luckily enough just the grass. We had a couple of borders - White Lake Road was one border and Balmoral Road was the other border, so it kind of burnt up to there and that's how we got the break."

Hoult says its a reminder to have enough water and equipment on scene for any open burn "All they had was a backhoe and a little Bobcat, and when it got away from him he tried using the Bobcat to snuff it out but it just got away from him completely."