Sicamous Fire Staff Douse Wood Chip Blaze At Landfill

A Saturday fire in the wood chip pile at the Sicamous landfill was finally extinguished on Sunday.

Sicamous Fire Chief Brett Ogino has background, saying "When we rolled up to the gate the entire top of the woodpile was on fire. I'd say probably 200 feet across and 50-100 feet deep."

Ogino tells us that it was a busy scene "11 guys with the original response, and we actually set up our ladder truck to get to the top of the pile and get some water on it, at least."

Heat build-up in the wood chip pile has been named as the cause.

Ogino says that hard work by his staff prevented any further issues "Fortunately it didn't start the bush in behind on fire - that was our biggest concern.. and then just finally getting it out - long days and a lot of hours."

The landfill was open again as of later on Sunday.