Sicamous' Mayor Pleased With Fresh Funding For New Bridge

Friday brought about big news for the District of Sicamous.

$4.5M in federal Gas Tax Funding was announced for a new Sicamous-Solsqua bridge.

That's the bridge that carries traffic over the Eagle River.

Sicamous Mayor Terry Rysz says it's exciting, and much needed news "That bridge is just about 100 years old. It was built in 1920, so it has a life-span of probably two to three more years."

He says that formal construction plans are still in the works "We want to get working on it right away. There's some complications and concerns as to where we may locate the bridge - there might be some adjustments there. We're talking with the Ministry of Highways as well, as to how we may lay this out."

Friday also saw Sicamous get $300,000 for the local Narrows Flood Protection Plan.

Anyone seeking further details should visit this link.