Small Earthquake Rattles Salmon Arm On Saturday Night

A Saturday night shake in Salmon Arm is said to have been an earthquake.

Earthquakes Canada reports a 2.2 magnitude quake struck at 8:39pm, 4km NE of Salmon Arm - at a depth of just 1km.

No damage was reported and none would be expected. 

Taimi Mulder with the Geological Survey of Canada says a 2.2 quake is quite small, unless its right below you "It's what we classify as a very minor earthquake. Anything under a magnitude 3 is classified as very minor. In this instance though - when it's right under your feet, it certainly feels a lot bigger than minor."

Mulder says that the shallow depth of Saturday's quake was a factor "It was very shallow, it was right underneath Salmon Arm, so people felt it quite strongly."

She also has an explanation on the loud noise heard with the shake, saying "I think because it was a smaller magnitude people hear it as a bang, if it was a slightly larger earthquake you'd hear more like a rumble, or some people often describe it as a train approaching."

Mulder tells us that you have to go way back into the records to find the largest earthquake in our immediate area, saying "The largest was a magnitude 4.5 in 1936. It was appoximately 30km to the SW of Salmon Arm."