SPCA Funding To Help Cat Population Control

There's a new program for 2018 at the Shuswap SPCA Branch.

PetSmart Charities of Canada recently handed the Branch a grant worth $62,000 for local spay and neuter cat surgeries.

Branch Manager Victoria Olynik says Salmon Arm's overpopulation of cats is an issue "An average of 64% of cats that come into our shelter are kittens, and they come from unwanted litters - someone has a cat that they've let outside and it's gotten pregnant, and now they have all these kittens."

She says anyone interested in this offer should contact the Branch "People have to come into our shelter to get a voucher, and a vet appointment. From there, we call right on the spot, we call the vet clinics to see when we can get animals in. It's basically first-come-first-serve, but we can only work as fast as the vet clinics can perform the surgeries, of course."

This program is free, but the Branch is requesting a $40 donation to help support future work in our area.

Olynik says this program is for City of Salmon Arm residents only, but could expand in the future.

This funding should allow the Branch to spay or neuter 350 local cats.

Anyone seeking additional details can visit this link.