Stranded Sunnybrae Residents Will Get To Vote

There's 133 properties in the Shuswap's Sunnybrae area cut-off from the region thanks to a landslide, but Elections B.C says that anyone stranded on that side will still get a chance to vote during tomorrow's election day.

Linda Rivard with Elections B.C says her team is going to them "We are going to have a team go around door-to-door, to allow everybody the opportunity to vote. We will be sending a team over by water-taxi from Sicamous."

She says that they hope to get going with door-to-door visits by 10:30AM, and notes that the goal is to be finished by 4 or 5PM.

There's no details available on how many people are stuck on the Eastern side of Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road at this time.