Sunday Mudslides Leave Seymour Arm FSR Closed

Seymour landslide

Two Sunday mudslides will leave the Shuswap's Seymour Arm Forest Service road closed for now.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District says that the two slides came down late on Sunday afternoon between St. Ives and Seymour Arm.

The CSRD's Tracey Hughes has today's updates, saying "The road is going to be closed for a minimum of three days, as crews attempt to cleanup the two mudslides that took place on Sunday."

She says that locals do have a way to get around it "There is an alternate route for residents - through the Blueberry Creek Forest Service Road. It's not as convenient, but it will get people the access they need."

Hughes adds that there is emergency support nearby "Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue has been notified, and they are on stand-by incase of an emergency situation in the Seymour Arm area."

A geotechnical engineer is now onsite to check the stability of the area before cleanup work can begin.

You can find further details via this link.