Three More Sledders Rescued From Boulder Mountain

RCMP in Revelstoke say that Search and Rescue staff were called back to Boulder Mountain on Thursday.

Staff Sergeant Kurt Grabinsky says that a 33 year old male called for help around 3:30 in the afternoon "A 9-1-1 call was received from a male who was lost and stuck on Boulder Mountain. Search and Rescue deployed, and around 7:30 that night they located him. He also notified us that there was two other sledders he was travelling with, and he had no idea where they were."

The search for those two other males was held off overnight due to avalanche conditions, but resumed on Friday "About 8AM they were able to locate the missing sledders. They long-lined them out to ambulance, and then hospital for check-ups. All will be fine."

Grabinsky says its another reminder of the importance of having proper training, and the right equipment with you.

Two Kelowna men were rescued from the same mountain this past Sunday, marking five successful rescues in less than a week for Revelstoke Search and Rescue.