Two Grass Fires Near Chase Were Likely Human-Caused

A pair of grass fires found on the weekend near Chase are now under control.

Jody Lucius of the Kamloops Fire Centre tells us "Both of those fires are now listed as under control, which is good news in that crews have made progress and don't expect any further growth."

One fire had reached 250 hectares, the other was about 100 hectares when they were added to the B.C Wildfire Map on the weekend.

Lucius says that they are thought to have been human-caused, saying "It is suspected they were human-caused. I don't have any specifics on that at this point - that may actually take some time. If they do decide to do a fire investigation that could actually take several months."

You're asked to report any wildfire to the province at *5555 on your cellphone.