Update: Four Sunnybrae Properties Still On Evacuation Order

Tuesday Update:

The CSRD has provided a brief update on this week's work at the scene of a mudslide in Sunnybrae.

Emergency Operations Centre Director Ryan Nitchie says geotechnical experts have been on site doing further analysis "They're also going to place some monitoring stakes on the slide, and the exisiting scarp, and are just monitoring to see if there's further slippage. That will be ongoing for the next few days; just to monitor any activity that's going on on the scarp, but as of now there doesn't appear to be any slippage currently."

Nitchie says that a full report on the cause of Friday's slide is still in the works "We won't know exactly until a full report is given out from Westrek Geotechnical, but the early indications are that it was a naturally occuring event, related to ground-water seepage - and some rainfall event that was going on at the same time."

Four properties near the slide site remain under an evacuation order.

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Original Story:

CSRD staff say that their work in Sunnybrae continues, following Friday's mudslide that badly damaged two homes.

Emergency Operations Centre Director Ryan Nitchie said Monday that four properties are still under an evacuation order "Currently we have four homes under evacuation order along Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road, that evacuation order remains in effect, and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future."

He says the affected area of Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road is still open to single lane traffic, between the hours of 6AM and 8PM "That will remain in effect until such time as a geotechnical assessment gives us a better indication that the stability of the slope is more secure."

Nitchie says that a further geotechinical assessment of the slide area was to take place today, and that a report was expected by later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, two online fundraising pages have been launched following Friday's mudslide.

Those seperate pages look to support the two families who were forced from their homes.

Amber Blair lost her home in the slide, and has details on where locals can make donations of supplies "At the Scout Hall, I do believe it's on Auto Road in Salmon Arm. That's where everybody's been donating most stuff, and then I've got people taking care of all the stuff there - and I've got a big garage that it's going to be stored in, until I find a place to live."

She says the next step is finding somewhere to live "If they know of anybody or anything, that'll be huge. As you know; there's very little for rent here in Salmon Arm."

She says that anyone with info on a rental property for her family can drop off details at the Scout Hall.

An online fundraiser for Amber's family has already hit $4,500.

A fundraiser for the residents of the other home damaged on Friday has raised over $3,000.

Anyone seeking further updates from the CSRD should visit this link.