Week Of Work Brings Canoe Beach Back To Life

The City of Salmon Arm re-opened Canoe Beach on Friday, following a two week closure.

Rob Niewenhuizen with Public Works says that there's plenty of credit to go around for the current state of that area "We have to thank the local Rappattack, they came out and did some cleaning on the Friday - then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our City Parks staff and other Public Works staff worked to remove barricades, and basically clean up all the debris that had washed up on the beach."

He says the priority was having the Beach ready for Canada Day, but notes that it was still busy this past weekend "It was being used this weekend, which was good to see. I'm sure the water will continue to recede, we'll get a little more beach, and it'll be perfect for this coming weekend."

Organizers of Saturday's Canada Day event are asking locals to carpool to the Beach, as parking may be scarce.