Work-Week Forecast Shows Showers

The Southern Interior is in for more unstable weather, this week.

Environment Canada is forecasting a reasonable chance of showers from Tuesday through to Friday.

Forecaster Doug Lundquist says that Salmon Arm and areas to the East will likely see more rain than the rest of the Interior.

He also notes that any chance of a return to Summer-like temperatures this month is rather unlikely "Even though I think it's going remain Fall-like and a little bit more showery for the next while - it's not impossible that say in two weeks we could go back to the ridge - but if we do in two weeks go back to the ridge, the nights are so much longer, there's so much less power in the sun, and there's absolutely no way we'll return to that record-breaking heat." 

He does note that this coming weekend may bring some sunshine, with temperatures in below 20 degrees.