Communities Want Kickback from Local Resources

Three regional districts and 23 local governemnts that have now become involved in the Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance.

The goal of the alliance is to assure that from any resource development, be it mining, or LNG, or other,  some of the benefits from that industry are sent directly back to the communities which are affected by it... before those taxation dollars go to the Government.

This revenue would enable communities to address current impacts arising from major resource development, service, and infrastructure deficits in communities.

Kitimat Mayor Phil Germuth says that this system would allow communites to work better as a whole.

"It's a unique idea. It's the first time in BC history that you know, you have 23 local governments covering 180-thousand square kilometers. All on the same page, saying 'Hey, this is something we need'. And it was in the last election, that Premier Christ Clark said that she would make sure that any community affected by resource development would be taken care of. And this is how we do that."

Mayor Germuth added that it has been a slow startup process for the alliance, and that the team is waiting for more meetings, to hopefully get more framework in place before the upcoming election on May 9th.