Council Supports Dragonfly Hydropower in Kitimat

Kitimat council has voted to provide a letter of support to "Dragonfly Hydropower" for its proposed hydroelectric projects.

Dragonfly Hydroelectric is proposing two of run-of-river projects in the Kitimat area, on creeks flowing into the Little Wedeene River.

Boris Fichot, director of Dragonfly Hydro, says that the projects would benefit the community. 

"The benefit directly to the community is the idea of not having all your eggs in one basket. It's another source of opportunity that's distinct from the oil and gas sector."

The projects would create local jobs during construction phase, and once completed,provide clean energy to power the entire city.

"It provides stable opportunities on a 40-50 year time frame. And usually beyond that."

Mayor Phil Germuth says that council's support is in its early stages.

"This is not just blind support for this project. This is the same thing we've done with refineries and other projects. We're supporting the process. We're giving them a letter or support, from what we've seen so far, seems like an OK idea."

Councillors noted that they will be reviewing the project's Clean Energy Project Development plan, before approving anything further. 

The project will now go the provincial process for authorization.