Final Touches Being Put On Mount Hays Quick Climb

The final touches are being made on the Mount Hays Quick Climb as it gets set to host dozens of walkers and racers tomorrow morning.

The race is put on by volunteers with the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreational Society with runners and walkers taking part in races as long as 6.5 kilometers long.

Trail society's president, Sean Carlson, says people all ages can take part and have fun.

"Just the feeling of getting to the finish line and this one even more so because on a beautiful day or even a rainy day you have a beautiful view of just the surrounding area."
Carlson one of the main goals for this race is to raise funds to better restore the trails around Prince Rupert. He says many people are eager to see the city in a different way.

"That money will be put towards annual maintenance, our insurance costs because we're the lease of that corridor. All of the money raised will go back to the community for those types of activities. As well, over time, we eventually get it to go towards planning and design work for new trails. As we build up that endowment, which will match funding for construction of new trails."

Carlson says since the Quick Climb was brought back in 2015 about $25,000 has been raised and says it's been helping out with projects like Rushbrook Trail that has users eager to see construction on that project start soon.

"Being down there for the last few weeks for the preparation of construction for the project, you see how many people use that corridor just to get to and from Seal Cove to Rushbrook. It's also just for people going out for walks. Trails are a great way to get out and enjoy activities and also to just enjoy the outdoors in this community."

He says they're still expecting to see one last blast of people sign up for the race as a tradition for Ruperites is to sign up last minute. But he says they're more than welcome as he feels it's helping to give back to the community.

"That's what it's all about, trails and the outdoors. It's about building awareness so that people are safe and are having a good time when they are out enjoying the trails and wilderness in the area."

Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. at the base of Mount Hayes, and the first group of races get the green light at 8:30.