Final Touches Taking Place Ahead Of Intertidal Music Festival Saturday

The final swings of the hammer are taking place as the North Pacific Cannery gets ready for the Intertidal Music Festival on Saturday.

The festival's coordinator, Steve Milum says this comes after the previous music festival was put on hiatus a decade ago.

"It was an annual event for about five years. Eventually, it had to stop the construction on the site was not safe enough. Lots of repairs have been made over the 10 years and we've spent about five million dollars on repairs and restoration at the site. Things are now strong underneath us." 

Milum say they've sold about 400 tickets so far and their expecting even more to be sold last minute.

"It's always a little slower than you would like it. The words out there and people are saying, yep we're going. Then we ask if you've got your ticket yet? And they're like, just about."

Milum says since they have a relatively small parking lot, they will be running shuttle buses from Port Edward and from the Civic Centre in Prince Rupert. They say this will allow them to better handle the flow of concert goers coming to the cannery.

"There's a road block at Port Edward. We have buses running all day long. Multiple buses from Port Edward to here as well as from the Civic Centre out to here. It's included in your ticket price. Jump on the bus and enjoy the show. There also taxi vouchers if you've been drinking. We want you to get home safe. Should be a really fun day."

The Cannery says the day will include activities starting mid-morning, encouraging people to arrive early and as the day continues on, the performers will include a lot of local talent.

"Some cool bands are coming from around B.C., there's a couple out of Vancouver, one from Hazelton. It's going to be some really great music, lots of local bands as well. It all fits with our Intertidal Music Festival kind of name and theme where it's just a good mix of genres. Hopefully people of all ages come out and have a good time."

Milum says if people are still looking to wave with the tides, tickets are still available and can be found at the cannery's website.