Hammy the Deer is Winning the Hearts of Prince Rupert Residents

A deer with part of a hammock laced around his antlers is winning over the hearts of Ruperites as he makes his way around the city.

Prince Rupert was first introduced to this buck, named hammy, back in the summer when he was stuck in hammock.

The RCMP were able to free Hammy, but were unable to get the entire hammock out of his antlers.

And that got the attention of many Ruperities.

A Facebook Group has also been set up, allowing residents to documents Hammy's travels.

It also inspired co-owner of Haley Apparels Frances Riley to come up with a T-Shirt design for Hammy.

"I printed up a few and sent them to be sold. Then they were gone in the matter of a night."

Frances was also lucky enough to see Hammy in person.

"He was with a group of bucks, about six or so. They stopped and fought once in a while. It seemed like he was leading the parade."

While everyone is getting a good chuckle spotting hammy, many say it also starts up a conversation about human and wildlife interaction.

"It doesn't seem to slow him down. But it makes you think of other wildlife and the resources we need to help protect them."

Frances is taking more order for shirts, with proceeds going toward the Wildlife Rehab Shelter.

Hammy's hammock laced antlers are only temporary as they will shed off as winter inches closer. 

[Photo Credit: Patti Langdale]