Kermode Center Gets Funds for a Bus

The Kermode Friendship Center in has received a grant for a new community bus. The Center applied for the funding for the bus through the BC Ministry of Transport, which has allocated levies to help improve access to transportation along Highway 16.

The primary function of the Kermode Center's new bus will be transportation for their future daycare, which will be built on Park ave. in Terrace within the next year. 

However Cal Albright, Director of the Friendship Center, says the 24-person bus will also serve other functions;

"It's going to be used for helping people in the community that don't have reliable and or safe transportation. Outside the daycare, we would be proceeding with discussions with our first nations neighbors, Kitselas and Kitsumkalum, as to how we can provide some kind of service to that community, to help alleviate some of the transportation issues there as well." 

The funding was provided as part of a broad provincial program to increase transit options for people in the region.