Kids Hit The Stage For Prince Rupert's Udder Fest

A festival that highlights theatre around Prince Rupert is starting up for its 19th year tonight.

Udder Fest is put on by the Harbour Theatre Society and features five nights of performances.

Some of the performances are put on by the Kids' Camp that leads up to Udder Fest.

The Chair of Kids' Camp Treena Decker says it's a great way for kids to explore the theatre.

"Sometimes there's not a lot of opportunity for kids to be involved in the arts. There's a variety of reasons, there expenses attached to it. We do have a great dance community and a great music community. Theatre for kids is at times a little more challenging to find so, being able to provide that opportunity for young people in our community is extremely rewarding for me."

The kids say they can't wait for the play and it's been a lot of fun at the seven week camp.

"It's fun being with everyone and it's going to be really funny."

"I've been doing lots of acting games. This is my fourth year so I know lots about acting."

"I'm planning to be an actress when I grow-up. I'm already really good at all of this stuff so it's fun to see everybody else trying as hard as they can."

"Cooperation between everybody just makes it an amazing play."

"Doing the acting. That's what I really liked about it."

Kids' Camp has been around for 17 years of Udder Fest's 19-year run.

The children perform their play, "Magic Beans" on Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 1:00.