Local Hero Joins Fire Department

One new recruit of the Terrace Fire Department has already proven himself in the face of emergency.

In October, James Giles rescued a family in his neighborhood from the flames that were engulfing their home.

Now, Giles has passed the required fitness test, and is working towards becoming a member of the Terrace firefighting team. Giles has previous work experience in emergency response, and says that he was moved to join the Fire Department following their effective response in October. 

"Watching the Terrace Fire Department show up, the way they conducted themselves, how they had their tight-knit team, that little brotherhood you could see... It was something I really wanted to be a part of."

Giles is one of nine new recruits to the department, which will now total at twenty-six firefighters.

Fire Chief John Klie is pleased with his new additions.

"I think they're a great bunch. We got a good mix. We've got guys and gals. Just showing up and doing the test shows me that they're determined and have got some commitment to come out and help us."

Mayor Carol Leclerc says that Terrace is lucky to have individuals like Giles volunteering their time. 

 "The more that we have of those Jays in the world, coming up to enhance our fire department, is all the better for Terrace."

And Giles is excited to join the team;

"I think it's a tight-knit group that it's going to be a pleasure to be a part of."