Local MLA Elect Reacts To NDP/Green Party Agreement

A local MLA Elect is reacting to the N-D-P signing a deal with the Green Party in order form a minority government.

Jennifer Rice is the NDP MLA Elect for North Coast. She believes the deal will allow the government to run smoothly until the next election.

She says if they are able to move ahead and form the government, then residents in the North Coast riding will see positive changes.

"This is a time for us to actually put the people back into government. I'm excited to move forward with reducing ferry fares, addressing the housing crisis we're seeing. The issues such as seniors not getting enough care or enough hours of home support. I'm excited to tackle these things and provide the services British Columbians depend on and count on."

Premier Christy Clark said yesterday that she would not resign but would recall the legislature soon where the opposition parties could present a confidence motion to topple her government after 16 years in power.