Masset Getting Set To Host Pride Parade

Masset is getting set to host a pride parade over the weekend.

Organizer Cal Manna says the pride parade will happen tomorrow around 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

He feels this is an important event to have especially in smaller communities like Masset.

"Especially for our youth, right? You have that kind of support happening. It's a move happening across the globe. All places are starting to pop up with pride parades. Even places you wouldn't expect it to happen in different countries and what not. It's a super important event to hold. To make sure everybody feels included."

He says the community has been really supportive of the pride event.

"The community has been very supportive, including the Village of Masset and North Arm Transportation. North Arm Transportation is sponsoring this year's event. The Village of Masset is paying for paint to re-do the rainbow crosswalks on the street."

Pride events started in 2013 in Masset and Manna says he looks forward to seeing events like this grow in the area in the years to come.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Merilees/Twitter]