McKay Street Park Fighting For $100,000 In Provincial Wide Competition

A park in Prince Rupert has a chance at getting a big bonus through a competition happening across the province.

McKay Street Park is full of overgrown trees, grass and even a microwave. One community group is looking to change that.

Transition Prince Rupert is looking to return McKay Street Park into a hustling and bustling place for the community.

They're hoping to do so with the help of a contest being put on by BCCA. The park is in a provincial wide competition where they could up get up to 100-thousand dollars for upgrades.

Vice President Veronika Stewart says it will help them get the ball rolling revitalizing the project.

"A $100,000 will really get us off the ground. Be able to take out the Alder trees, they're taking up most of the space. We would be able to put in a place for children to play in and also maybe a picnic area next to it. So, that's what we're hoping. Get done some of the landscaping and make this park useable and safe again for the community.

Stewart says winning the one hundred thousand dollars will allow them to begin phase 1 of their project.

She says winning the $100,000 will also give them more finical flexibility when it comes to putting in the new elements into the park.

"It included some covered areas, covered basketball pavilion and skate park. Basically, enhancing the community garden that's here and like I said a picnic area and play area for kids."

Manager of Kaien Island Anti-Poverty, Colleen Hermanson, is hoping to see the park get the money as well.

"It really isn't a field any longer. It's over grown trees. We have a small community garden over there and the children play one basketball hoop and small amount of pavement. So, if we were to win that money and be able to make a transformation over there, it would be wonderful for everyone that's living in the area.

And the kids would be glad to see a new place they can hang out in as they shouted: "We want to build this park!"

Stewart has a message for everyone.

"Please, continue to vote. I just want people to not get apathetic just because we're winning right now or to ease off their voting because other communities are catching up. So really, we have to keep coming together and vote every day for this project so we keep ahead of the game and actually win this money. It will mean a lot to us."

Residents have until June 18th to vote. You can vote by visiting BCAA's Play Here website.