Muslim Community from Vancouver Area Visits North Coast to Talk Islam

The Muslism Community from the Vancouver area is spending time on the North Coast holding open houses on Islam.

Tariqk Azeem is the Imam and missionary Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at and says the Islam open houses held in Prince Rupert and Terrace aim to address misconceptions

"Extremism, which has been associated with our religion. Terrorism is also one. These are all misconceptions. Some of them have been created by terrorist themselves to expand and spread their world and get more people behind them. It also allows them to conquer land, money and wealth."

He says he wants make it clear that just because extremists are using their religion and culture, doesn't mean everyone should be painted with the same brush.

"We wish to remove these misconceptions. We also want to address the misunderstanding of Women and Islam."

Azeem says while cultures and religions have difference in most case, they have the same goal.

"To live a peaceful and happy life. We wish to give the same to our children. It's exactly the same. Whatever culture or religion that you go to. Our model is love for all and hatred for none. I want the message to be. We love everyone and hate no one."

Azeem says a national campaign is also underway called Coffee and Islam. This is where one-on-one conversations are arranged with a Muslim to answer question or concerns people may have about Islam.