Mz. Judged Raises More Funds for North Coast Transition Society

A group of men dawned their best dresses and high heels for the bi-annual Mz. Judged.

The beauty pageant raises money for the North Coast Transition Society and the programs it offers.

November is also the White Ribbon Campaign and it's a month where men speak up against violence against women.

"While some of the ladies were nervous when the offer first came up, most were happy to do so." said the society's program manager, Grainne Barthe.

While a lot of the men were nervous, all of them were more than happy to take part.

"We've been practicing for a couple of months and really worked hard over the past couple of weeks. It's for a great cause and hopefully it turns out to be a great show," said Ralph Weick.

Dan Costa says it's a great way to give back.

"I was born and raised and Prince Rupert. It's a great community. I encourage anyone who can help out in any way they can, they should." 

Over the past Mz. Judged officials say it's raised over 100-thousand dollars. It also allowed them to start a conversation.

"The mayor (Lee Brain) took part; the inspector from the RCMP (Blake Ward) took part. It really starts the domino effect of getting people to talk about why we are doing this." Said Barthe

After showing off talents, swim suits and answer some question Ms. Sue Nami, known to many as Ruperite Hans Seidemann take home the crown and sash.