A Brief Respite Between Weather Systems -- But More Snow Coming

It's the day between weather systems here in the northwest -- as residents clean up from the latest snowstorm that swept through the region yesterday -- causing more headaches for travellers and more snow-shovelling for weary homeowners.

The heavy, wet snow prompted the closure of Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Terrace for most of the day yesterday due to the high avalanche hazard -- but it's open again today.

[PHOTO BELOW:   Avalanche Gate near Prince Rupert -- Tuesday Feb 13, 2018 -- Corey Callaghan]

Environment Canada meteorologist Cindy Yu says a low pressure system is to blame, sending moisture onto the North Coast, where it met up with a cold front.

"With that cold front, we received 14 centimetres of snow at Terrace, Kitimat has received over 20 centimetres of snow, to the north Stewart received even more -- up to 30 centimetres with this system," she said late Tuesday.

We're expecting a brief respite between systems, with some sunshine expected today -- but more snow is likely by tomorrow. 

"We will be likely to see more weather systems travel down from Alaska bringing some additional precipitation, mostly in the form of snow into our region," said Yu.

The backcountry avalanche danger rating remains "High" in the Northwest Coastal Zone, and to "Considerable" in the Inland Zone.
Avalanche Canada says avalanches will remain very likely in the wake of yesterday's massive storm, and that strong winds have created touchy slabs at higher elevations.

Avoid all avalanche terrain.